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Recently, Toyota officially announced the Land Cruiser 250. This new model has been developed as the successor to the Land Cruiser Prado and will play a significant role in both the Japanese and global markets. It is also planned for release in the American market.

Main Features of the Land Cruiser 250

This vehicle uses the same platform as the Land Cruiser 300 and is equipped with the traditional 2.8L diesel engine, in addition to a new 2.7L gasoline engine. A mild hybrid engine option is expected to be available in the future.

Comparison with the Land Cruiser Prado

Comparing the top diesel models, both are equipped with the 1GD-FTV engine, but the 250 features upgraded electrical systems and safety equipment.

Here's a detailed comparison:

ItemLand Cruiser 250 ZXLand Cruiser Prado TZ-G
Dimensions / LxWxH4925 x 1980 x 1935 mm4825 x 1885 x 1835 mm
Wheelbase2850 mm2790 mm
Transmission8-speed AT6-speed AT
Weight2410 kg2330 kg
Price¥7.35 million¥5.54 million

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018-present vs. Toyota Land Cruiser 2021-presentToyota Land Cruiser Prado SUV 2018-present vs. Toyota Land Cruiser SUV 2021-present. Compare car dimensions (length, width and height) vs. street perspective.www.carsized.com
Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018-present vs. Toyota Land Cruiser 2021-present

Current Market Situation

Like with the Land Cruiser 70, there are not many options for genuine body-on-frame vehicles in the Japanese new car market.

The supply is limited, especially for larger models, which means that the Land Cruiser 250 is expected to be as popular as the Prado.

Production numbers for the Land Cruiser 70 are about 400 units per month, approximately 5000 annually. The Land Cruiser 250 is projected to have an annual production of about 27,000 units. The production balance with the Land Cruiser 300 and Prado will need consideration as this supply situation could impact the market.

ランクル300累計登録台数と受注残の謎|マンションeコネクトマンション管理が専門の癖についつい車の事を書いてしまう。これは自身のキャリアの前半が車業界で、途中から今にかけてはマンション管理業界で食べているので、やむを得ないともいえる。好きなのは車でマンション管理はあくまで食っていくために選んだ業界だし。地味だけどマンション管理業界は《食いっぱぐれ》が無い。これはかつての就職氷河期においても当てはまり、ありがたい特性だ。 と、のっけから脱線したがタイトルにあるランクル300。2年半前の2021年8月に国内で発売開始され、いきなり3万台程の受注が入ったため全部捌くのに数年かかる見通しになりトヨタ自動車が慌てて受注停止したある意味伝説の車と言えようnote.com

Land Cruiser Supply Chain

The supply of the Land Cruiser series varies by model. The Land Cruiser 70 is produced at about 400 units per month, amounting to approximately 5,000 units per year. In contrast, the production volume for the Land Cruiser 250 is about 27,000 units annually, with an estimated 2,250 units produced monthly. Production figures for the Prado and Land Cruiser 300 are around 1,800 units monthly for the Prado, and between 1,000 and 2,000 units for the 300. This situation raises concerns about potential competition between the production lines of the 250 and other models, especially since they share production facilities.

Dealer Inquiries

Inquiries to local dealers about the Land Cruiser 70 resulted in five contacts, and three for the 250, with none providing satisfactory responses.

With this, Toyota Mobility Tokyo remains the only direct sales company. Established in April 2019 from the consolidation of five companies including Tokyo Toyota and Tokyo Toyopet, its sales in the fiscal year ending March 2020 were outstandingly high at 429.4 billion yen. As a special company conducting advanced initiatives, a sale to local entities is unlikely. Practically, Toyota has transferred all dealership operations to local capital.

from https://toyokeizai.net/articles/-/364835

Currently, Toyota Mobility Tokyo is the only direct sales outlet remaining, and while other regional dealers implement measures to prevent reselling, their effectiveness is questionable.

In fact, the Land Cruiser 70 has already appeared in the used car market at more than double its new price.

ランドクルーザー70 2.8 AX ディーゼルターボ 4WD 登録済み未使用車・ナビETC・地デジ・BT(京都)(掲載終了)の中古車詳細 | 中古車なら【カーセンサーnet】ランドクルーザー70 2.8 AX ディーゼルターボ 4WD 登録済み未使用車・ナビETC・地デジ・BT【1166.9万円】(掲載終了)の中古車詳細情報です。京都府・株式会社エッジループの中古車情報なら「カーセンサーnet」!www.carsensor.net
ランドクルーザー70 2.8 AX ディーゼルターボ 4WD 登録済み未使用車・ナビETC・地デジ・BT(京都)(掲載終了)の中古車詳細 | 中古車なら【カーセンサーnet】

For more detailed data and sources, please refer to:


A photo of the LC250 that has rounded front lights

At this point, I am considering purchasing the Land Cruiser 250, although no decision has been made yet. A friend who already owns the Land Cruiser 70 (reissued in 2014) is participating in the lottery for the new model, and the outcome will influence my decision. Despite the carryover powertrain and significant price increase due to various factors, it would be nice to acquire this model.

Should I not succeed in the lottery, I will consider purchasing another vehicle model, which I have already largely reviewed.

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